I have seen the gambit of hospitality

As creator and founder of myMARSi®(Maintenance Assessment Reporting System-Interface) I want to introduce a fresh perspective on scale-able proactive maintenance solutions for the VR industry. 

Creating MyMARSiⓇ  is the culmination of life and a 30+ year career in one of the top ten destinations in the world, MAUI.

About Me

From operating in the tourist world of daily boat chartering to working in all facets of a successful condo rental company, I have seen the gambit of hospitality.  In 1999 I began refinishing and later expanded to all aspects of interior remodeling. My initial desire was to meet people who needed to extend the life of their furnishings.

I loved the challenge -uncovering the issues and fixing them!

Over the years, my clients have taught me the value of being “rental ready”. I’ve learned from them how they stay competitive without sacrificing their investment.  They are the SMART property owners who know how to get the most out of their vacation rental properties.  

Today my focus is using that knowledge to help property managers reach new heights in preventative maintenance so they can execute valuable assessments and gain insights to achieving room rental standards, resolve condo deficiencies and avoid poor reviews and complaints without sacrificing profitability.  

The Future looks SMART

The travel market is both competitive and crowded. Online reviews are empowering travelers to find and book the best units driving property owners to improve their units’ curb appeal.  Faced with a rapidly changing market, those that don’t address these influences miss out on maximizing their revenue from bookings. An essential part of the vacation rental formula is to create a culture of SMART ownership to attract new guests and repeat business. 

S=Sensible M=Maintenance A= Allocated R=Regularly & T= Timely

So how do vacation rental managers convey a culture of SMART to their owners and guests? They can start by using our groundbreaking signature apps.  At MyMARSiⓇ  we want to put an end to reactive strategies and help property managers serve their owners and guests better.  

By bridging the gap to a perfect fit you’ll know a property’s online representation is equal to its’ true appeal.

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