Using quality standards to drive revenue in your vacation rentals

Property managers that are able to use quality standards to drive revenue can stay ahead in a shifting vacation rental marketplace. Those that don’t address these influences and manage unit interior performance better, miss out on maximizing profitability.

Searching for a better way to inspect your units and deliver more engaging reports to owners? Our leading inspection app gives you the ability to capture maintenance billables and create dynamic visual reports to your owners.

With MyMARSiⓇ property managers can get the status of a unit at any time and identify non-performance more readily. Get a better strategy to improve a rental property’s curb appeal, today.

Today, we’re using that knowledge to help property managers’ reach new heights in preventative maintenance to achieve room rental standards, resolve condo deficiencies and neutralize complaints. By putting an end to reactive maintenance strategies we help property managers serve their owners and guests better and capture revenue.

Get confident. Use comparative data to scale performance, drive your level of hospitality and give guests booking assurance. Our scores fit seamlessly with ratings and categories for more leverage.

MyMARSiⓇ allows managers to swiftly inspect, fluently task reports and track unit interior performance. Our easy-to-use web app eliminates the hurdles to getting the status of a property so you can produce quality inspection data. Eliminate endless compiling and photo downloading. Our platform ensures that results are not strictly subjective or lacking detail, so scalable solutions can be determined. Share valuable reports to help owners focus on specific areas that need the most improvement to stay competitive in your program.

Our leading inspection app gives you the ability to catch billable maintenance and create dynamic visual reports for your vacation rental owners.

You will be able to do quality evaluations and create visually comprehensive room-by-room reports using MyMARSi. Your report comes with unit and individual room scores so you’ll know where to focus your budget and plan future projects. See pictures describing all issues and know which ones will affect a guest stay the most. Now you can get the insight from your property manager you need to stay competitive.

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