We're the solution to what's been missing..

in your vacation rental toolbox

Hotels use Quality Assurance to measure performance but all their rooms look the same...so how do you measure QA in rentals when they are all different?


VR Managers get MyMARSi®


We're changing the way you think about room inspections.


Collect precise data in the field so simply anyone can use. Lower in-room complaints and create projects worth starting to help owners stay competitive in your program.


Deliver quality room evaluations easily to measure what you manage, better.


Target within for better leverage, bring consistency across inventory, and produce comprehensive owner reports.


We give you the power to harness true check in appeal so that travelers can confidently find and book the perfect stay.


Here's a reality check:


No matter how much customer service you give, guests are not likely to book again when room nonperformance is lurking. It is the elusive killer of brand. 


Now you can get everyone on the same page and reveal insights through your eyes to meet QA standards(even if you don't have any yet!). We're the solution to turning reactive maintenance strategies into proactive ones so you can maximize unit inventory potential.


Managers: are you pinched between servicing guest complaints and getting owners to remedy issues?


How much of your productivity is lost when moving a guest? Taking THAT call. Tracking down housekeeping. Juggling calendars. Messing with folios. Dealing with fees, chargebacks and billing. Then making THAT OTHER call to the owner who just lost income. Finally you resort to blocking THAT owner just to get them to fix stuff.


It's just part of the job. Right?


But I get... evaluating units regularly seems impossible! That they are too time consuming or you just don't have the staff or resources. Maybe you've got something in place and its working ok for now. So what are you missing?


There's a better way.


At MyMARSi® we've streamlined the entire inspection reporting process that typically drags on team productivity.


End manual systems like paper checklists, data compiling and photo downloading FOREVER. Get instant access to what's been reported in the field.


Stop getting lost in endless email threads about an issue. Communicate easily with your team or owner then track it all the way to billing.



Eliminate the hurdles to getting the status of a unit. Analyze in minutes. Know how a unit is performing even if someone else inspected it.



Lose the spreadsheet. See comparative data in an easy to navigate dashboard. Use historical data to zero in on units, groups or items that need the least or most amount of work by vendor or category.



Control. Connect. Communicate.


We capture the vacation rental experience through quality assurance so that you can book, market and maintain better guest stays.


Imagine a world where you can master guest happiness, connect with owners effortlessly, generate integrated revenue and quantify your brand all in one place. 



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    Still need convincing?


    Guests today are looking for the “wow” experience.



    Brand competition is heating up in an ever-changing marketplace. It’s more important than ever to deliver a quality stay every time.



    I predict that this system will be the new Gold Rush which compliments online reviews and Google searches to give bookers the confidence to book directly with YOU.



    Why? Because a vacation rental's ability to capture its worth is the most valuable feature of asset management.




    The industry has come to rely far too much on experience-based online reviews.



    We aren't saying reviews are not important. As mainstream as they have become, an individual's subjective review still lacks any validated authority. They can mislead would-be guests seeking buyer confidence but deliver no relevant verified assurances.


    There's another way to capturing the in-room experience. We think we are the answer.


    When using MyMARSi® managers can gain leverage to neutralize complaints and give bookers featured assurances to book more confidently online.




    We know there are large entities out there that we love to hate.



    HomeAway, VRBO, Booking.com, FlipKey and more. Yes, they feed us business and send us leads but ultimately you are losing market share and direct bookings to them. You can never spend enough on customer acquisitions and SEO to stay ahead. On top of that you have to put up with ever-increasing fees and rule changes.


    Are you tired of OTAs digging into booking revenues and controlling your marketshare?


    If the answers YES then get MyMARSi®



    Our proprietary benchmarking is the new differentiator to help reach room standards and generate revenue while quantifying your brand of hospitality.


    And Yes, dare I say it!



    Even increase your direct bookings and marketing capabilities to book the perfect fit for guests using our unique online validation feature. shhh..it's our secret weapon to booking the perfect guest everytime! 

     If you have:

    •rooms that receive lackluster reviews

    •repeated calls about the same item in a room

    •rooms with more than 2 work orders per month

    •blocked rooms from being booked in your program

    •moved booked guests somewhere else because of in-room complaints



    You know you are likely:

    •losing money and your reputation

    •putting a strain on company productivity

    •managing harder, not smarter

    •not giving guests your brand best



    Now is the time to get on board before you get left behind.


    Inspections are a great way to meet expectations and bridge the gap to harness true check-in appeal so you will know you're giving a great stay every time.



    Imagine knowing these inspections could:

    •maximize your earnings potential

    •minimize maintenance calls

    •encourage better reviews

    •improve owner relationships

    •make managing assets easier


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    We've utilized over 30+ years of experience in this industry to help you plan scalable solutions to reach rental readiness and drive efficiency.



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    Meet expectations.

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